Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biochem and I

I have my first biochem test in the morning so it's been a fun day of studying.  Actually it's not all that bad. While I may change my mind after the test, I kind of like biochem.

I studied biochem at panera for three hours and managed to down two whole cups of coffee.  Then ran a few errands and went roller blading for an hour.  I picked up some things to throw together for dinner and came up with a yummy and filling (very filling) combination.

I present

The start

Frozen Broccoli thawed in the microwave.  While I prefer fresh broccoli frozen is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and has the same nutrients.  I girl can't be loose with that

And it ended looking like this
Added pasta, carrots, olives, and beans -in other words, carbohydrates and all 20 of the amino acids I can now write out!  

One portion ended up looking like this

It really hit the spot and all the fiber filled me up!  I am still full and it's been 2.5 hours!  No complaints from my belly or my body :)

Back to biochem.  I want to go through everything one more time before I hit the hay.  Not a lot of sleep planned tonight but maybe just maybe a good test grade in the morning.  I'm crossing my fingers (and studying more).

Happy evening

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