Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Summer, Please come

I'm freezing.  I know it's supposed to be the unofficial start to summer this weekend but it sure as heck does not feel like it.  Despite still having to wear socks in the house and wishing my hands and feet would warm up it IS perfect running weather.

I got out and got 6 lovely miles in.  Then tried a workout from my workout binder (I promise to fill you in on my workout binder soon).  I did a Shape bikini body workout that was only six moves but seemed to work all parts of my body.  

However, I didn't shower quickly enough and am now FREEZING!

I decided to try to fix it with this
I'm gonna need a refill.  Still very cold

Lunch was a easy few of my favorites
A pear, a piece of walnut cranberry toast with butter, and greek yogurt

I had never had Dannon Greek yogurt but it really hit the spot.  It's thick but sweet.  It doesn't have the tang of greek yogurt.  I kind of missed the tang but I still liked it.  It is lower in calories than some of the other brands of greek yogurt but it is a little lower in protein.  

Well friends it's back to biochem for me.  Happy Friday

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