Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food Rewards

I know when people think about food rewards they think pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and potato chips. I, however, also believe that reward food can be much simpler and be good for you. Rewarding yourself with good for you food that tastes amazing is a great way to end a day.

I did both today. It was my last day with the family I babysit after school so we picked up great harvest chocolate chip cookies. I had about a half of one and it tasted AMAZING.

Dinner also tasted amazing but it was the other type of reward food. It was good for you, filled with nutrients, and full of flavor food.

I present
4 egg whites, about one half of a sweet potato, spinach, and a wedge of baby bell light cheese.

Frittata style I quickly cooked the sweet tatos in a little olive oil and then added the egg white.  I let it cook until the bottom was set.  Sprinkled spinach and cheese on the top and baked in the oven at 250 for 5 or so minutes.

and that my friends is on amazing reward.

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