Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Balancing Act

Happy Wednesday!  For me it's one more day of class this week and a weekend full of studying.  Downside of a six week class- there is no down time and it feel like we are always studying.  Upside.  I'm half way done!

The eats of the day:
Started with a protein muffin

It's a weird color cause my apple sauce has blueberries in it and is purple.  But it tasted amazing and gave me 15 grams of protein for about 200 calories.  Bang for your buck huh

Lunch was full great.  I was glad to have produce back in my life!  Turns out going to the grocery store is a good idea for one's diet

So far today I've stuck with simple foods that taste amazing.  I'm headed to a coffee shop that just opened down the street to get a little more studying in.  I think i'll pick up a latte.  I'm still feeling groggy from my weekend low on sleep.

SO the balancing act

I decided to bike to the grocery store today.  It's very close to our apartment but I almost always drive because I dislike trying to juggle grocery bags on a bike.  I find the reusable bags help because the bags are sturdy enough to make it all the way home (and they are good for the environment).  I try to balance the weight of the bags between both handles and don't buy a lot (such as eggs-needed them but I'll get them another day when I have to be in my car).  

What I'd really love is one of these

A bike basket. And can I just say that this is the cutest bike basket I have ever seen

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