Friday, June 3, 2011

Sleep and the college student

More about the sleep topic in a minute but first some eats from today

Soy Sauges and Coffee

Hit the gym and ran for 45 minutes and then did toning work for 45 minutes

A banana, spinach, skim milk, and vanilla protein powder- hit the hot spot

A health bowl of swiss chard, red cabbage, sweet tator, tofu, and bulgar with peanut sauce on top.  

Add in a granola bar and some almonds and you've got yourself my day of eats!

Okay so On to my Title

Sleep and the college student

I know there are many people more sleep deprived than I am but. . .  If your in college you know that sleep is considered to be an reward rather than something one must have.  Even as a nonparty girl- sleep can be hard for me to get.  One can always study more

The other day I was flipping through Self magazine and I read this

"People who sleep 5.5 hours on average eat 25% MORE calories after dinner than those who get three more hours of sleep"

Okay yeah duh- the longer you are up the more your eat.  But something I had never though about

"When you hit the sack at night, your skin goes into repair mode.  Blood flow increase, and with it skins oxygen supply"amino acids also kick into action, producing collagen."

Yep Sleep is good for your skin

ALSO sleep is very beneficial to learning.  

Think about it

When I get a good nights sleep I 
Eat better
Move More
am Friendlier

So this college student is going to work on getting a few extra Z's.  The key I think will be staying focused and working everyday.  Trying to keep things balanced.  At some point I think the key is just to tell myself I have no choice but to go to bed.  

SLEEP the miracle drug


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