Friday, November 26, 2010

back on track

I think the hardest part about thanksgiving is getting back on track after the eating fest that goes on the day before.  For me it's hard because after thanksgiving comes. . . Friday.  Another day off.  SO I'm trying to be smart.

I started with a easy breakfast and met some friends for coffee.  I felt my body release a little.  Thanksgiving is with family but they can get on my nerves at times.  One of my cousins actually asked me how SLU was (I graduated in the spring. . . woops).  So hanging out with some old high school friends (I'm still close to three or four) was really fun.

After that I returned home to . . .  homework.  Mom made chicken and rice soup for lunch plus some leftover rolls and a little cranberry sauce for dessert.  I was glad she went with a lighter meal.  Then back to homework and some work my Mom needed done (we moved our porch furniture into the barn).  Then a little more homework and I was ready to work some of those extra calories off.

I mixed up my tread mill workout- ran three miles- walked one- and tried a skipping, walking, hopping mix up for my last mile.  Plus some abs, arms, and legs work Traci Anderson style.  I feel better and lighter today.

Tonights plan is to eat out thia with a good friend.  My family is actually frying fish, so my out meal may be the healthier choice.  Goal is to leave some on the plate.  That way I won't get over full.  Maybe a walk or maybe some yoga when I get home.  Def a movie and def trying to finish my homework

Well happy black friday

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